tvcrazeduniverse asked: It took four nights and 2 hours today but I did it! I read it all from the beginning. I can't decide if that says more about my pathetic life or the excellence of your blog. But since I don't want to think about my life, I'll say it's pretty much all your blog. It's awesome!

aw, well bless your fangirl soul. we are so happy you are enjoying the blog!

Anonymous asked: It's really hard to read the texts when you put 4 images together :/ You can't really zoom as it just gets smaller :/Perfect size is 2..3 is okay but 4 makes it too small. I really enjoy the blog though.

odd.. the generator we use breaks down the texts like that; we don’t combine them.

it may be just the layout of that particular text.

sorry about that!

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Anonymous asked: Curious thoughts on the S5 premier and the ending/promo. Also, sorry if already answered, are you keeping Frost in this universe?

Oh wow, I am so sorry for the 10 episode delay in answering this.

Frost is still in this universe (as is Jane’s pregnancy)